Bridges Blog Archive for April 2011

Bridges Grade 1 Advice for Unit 6

I hope the geometry unit went well and that you are now ready to tackle your second integrated theme unit. I loved doing My Little Farm. It is work - you’ll have kids spread out all over the place, gluing, calculating, helping each other, and becoming more independent. You’ll also get some glue spots on the floor – one of my first lessons is what to do when you get white glue on the carpet! (Have wet sponges readily available and wipe up right away!) This will be the longest blog entry as there is so much to see.

Bridges Grade K Advice for Sessions 109-121

We left off in last month’s entry discussing Frog Picture Problems, solutions and the creation of individual problems. If you’re behind, all the blog articles are archived, so find April in the archives where you can review some typical solutions and children’s frog problem creations.

Meet Bridges Author Pia Hansen!

Dear Readers and Mathematicians!

The King's Chessboard, One Grain of Rice, and Paired Books

In Grade 5, Unit 7, Bridges students explore and discuss doubling patterns after reading the book, The King's Chessboard. The Paired Books Strategy would be a natural extension to this lesson.

My Little Farm

My Little Farm, Bridges Grade 1: Unit 6, is an integrated, thematic unit originally designed to take the better part of 18 instructional days. An alternative schedule has been developed for teachers who prefer to use a 60-minute math instruction time frame each day for six weeks.

A11 Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction on the Farm (Alternate Unit 6 Plan)