Bridges Blog Archive for April 2011

Math Poems

April is National Poetry Month. In celebration, consider sharing some math poems, perhaps even carrying one with you on April 14 for Poem in Your Pocket Day.

Math Vocabulary

A recent conversation with some Bridges teachers got me to thinking about math vocabulary. This group of 4th and 5th grade teachers were thrilled with how naturally--and often--math vocabulary appears in lessons. Knowing that vocabulary is introduced as early as kindergarten, they were curious to see what words were used in which grade levels.

Functions or "Input-Output Rules"

This spring, fourth and fifth grade classes explore functions in Bridges Unit 7. You'll find an interesting assortment of possible lesson extensions on Mathwire under Investigating Growing Patterns.  Activities include pdfs for:

Meet Bridges Author Donna Burk!

Hello Math Friends, 

I'm Donna Burk, co-author of Bridges in Mathematics, K-2. I live in San Jose, California with my husband, Gary, and Baxter, our 18-month-old Golden Retriever. We have three married sons and five terrific grandchildren. I started my teaching career with 37 fifth graders and loved the three years I taught that grade level. After a maternity leave, I co-taught a gifted and talented sixth grade and one period of eighth grade math. As that was ending, a principal friend called and asked me to teach a kindergarten class. That was a huge time of learning as they showed me how little I knew about meeting all children's needs. I then taught first, second and third grades where my quest for knowledge, especially in how all children could learn math, kept me looking for more answers.