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Bridges Grade 2 Advice for Unit 5, Sessions 1-22

If you are on track right now, you’re in Unit 5: Branching into Larger Numbers: Money & Place Value, somewhere about a third of the way into the unit. If you look at the Pacing Guide on page 23 of Getting Started you’d see that this unit starts around the middle of February and goes through about the first week in April.

Number Corner Grade 1 Advice for January

We’re on to Volume Two! The author told me long ago that the January-June challenges are more critical than what has happened so far in Number Corner.
For your calendar markers you have two choices this month.

Bridges Grade 2 Advice for Unit 3, Sessions 14-24

If you recall, I discussed the first 13 sessions in Unit 3 last newsletter. If you are not this far yet, leave out the Fall/Winter Character Quilt and make it your goal to finish the unit by winter break. If you can see that this will be impossible, give me a call so we can figure out a plan together.

Bridges Grade 2 Advice for Unit 3, Sessions 1-13

I will discuss Sessions 1 through 13 in Unit Three in this entry and the remaining sessions in this unit in December.
If you are in a state using a Bridges supplement, be sure to check the Unit 3 replacement planner (around page 11 of the supplement). In some states Sessions 9-11 are replaced by Supplement Set D1, Measurement – Duration, Activities 1-3.

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