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Bridges Grade 2 Advice for Unit 3, Sessions 14-24

If you recall, I discussed the first 13 sessions in Unit 3 last newsletter. If you are not this far yet, leave out the Fall/Winter Character Quilt and make it your goal to finish the unit by winter break. If you can see that this will be impossible, give me a call so we can figure out a plan together.

Bridges Grade 2 Advice for Unit 3, Sessions 1-13

I will discuss Sessions 1 through 13 in Unit Three in this entry and the remaining sessions in this unit in December.
If you are in a state using a Bridges supplement, be sure to check the Unit 3 replacement planner (around page 11 of the supplement). In some states Sessions 9-11 are replaced by Supplement Set D1, Measurement – Duration, Activities 1-3.

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