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Goodbye, Bridges First Edition Blog

Wow. It's hard to say goodbye.

As you know, Bridges First Edition will retire in 2018. In anticipation of its retirement, the Bridges First Edition Blog comes to an end.

Balancing the Digital Classroom & Traditional Classroom

Balancing the Digital Classroom & Traditional ClassroomAs soon as implementing technology into the classroom became the “big thing,” I jumped right on board. I used technology a lot; maybe too much.

Learning to Think Mathematically Series Now Free from MLC

The Learning to Think Mathematically series, written by Dr. Jeff Frykholm, is now available free from The Math Learning Center. These insightful books provide parents and educators with innovative resources and novel strategies to help young learners develop powerful mathematical insights and problem-solving strategies.

To Assign or Not to Assign Homework, That Is Not the Question

To Assign or Not to Assign Homework, That Is Not the QuestionHomework is a hot topic, with teachers, families and school districts sitting on both sides of the fence. I’ve read countless blogs and articles from both camps. The conclusion I’ve drawn is that a one-size solution may not fit all.

Predictions & Guesses & Estimates, Oh My!

In second grade we do a great deal of predicting and estimating and maybe even some guessing.  As we work with our students, I believe it’s important that we help them to see the distinctions among these vocabulary words and to point out that they are not interchangeable.


How to Create a Culture of Math Risk-Takers

How to Create a Culture of Math Risk-Takers I teach at an IB World school where we focus on certain Learner Profile Attributes. Basically, these are character traits we would like our students to embody. This month our school is focusing on the attribute of risk-taking. I explain this to my first graders as being willing to try something new even if there’s a chance of failure.

Challenging Ideas About Challenging Students

Challenging Ideas About Challenging StudentsDifferentiation is something teachers consider all the time, and that’s certainly the case for me this year. I believe the most meaningful challenges come from the students themselves. One that recently emerged in my classroom is WHY the “9s trick” works.

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