Addition and Subtraction Fact Strategy Posters

Several years ago, Kim Hornbeck, a teacher and math coach in Casper, Wyoming, developed a set of posters to help her students remember the addition and subtraction fact strategies taught in Bridges, Grades 2 and 3. Each of these 8 1/2″ x 11″ posters describes and illustrates a strategy such as doubles, neighbors, fast 9’s, take-away 10’s, and so on. Kim has agreed to share the posters with the larger Bridges community, so we offer them to you here.

These posters have proved useful in keeping the fact strategies front and center for second and third graders, long after daily math instruction has moved on to other topics. We invite you to print these out, use them in your classroom, and share your teaching tips and ideas with others on the Bridges Blog.

Addition Strategies Posters
Subtraction Strategies Posters

Update: Laurie Kilts submitted addition strategy posters to match Bridges Second Edition:

Addition Strategies Posters, Bridges Second Edition


I am wanting to share these with parents so they are using the same language at home with my students. I can't seem to upload the posters to share on my website. Suggestions?

I don't know why you're having issues with uploading. They downloaded okay?

Does anyone have a version of these in Spanish?

I'm not aware of any posters in Spanish. If anyone has made some, I'd be happy to post them.

Love the new mult/division stategy posters. It took me awhile to find these again, and I knew about them.  Might help others to repost them.  Take care.  Freda

Love these posters! Thanks so much, Kim!

Thanks for sharing these posters. Another free resource for math is: It provides a range of math teaching resources, math games, and hands-on math activities for K through 5th grade and all activities  are correlated with the Common Core State Standards. Many of the games on the ECAM (Early Childhood Assessment in Mathematics) and the K-2 Number pages develop the strategies you mentioned in this post such as doubles, neighbors etc.