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Cynthia Hockman-Chupp

I welcome the chance to be a part of supporting Bridges users. As an educational consultant I work with kids and teachers in a variety of settings. I enjoy conducting professional development workshops on a myriad of topics, Bridges being one of my favorites. Although my Master's degree is in elementary education, I'm certified K-12 and have had the unique opportunity to teach in elementary, middle and high school settings. I love to think about new ways to teach math.

After experiencing MLC's Opening Eyes curriculum many years ago in my third grade classroom, I was very excited to be given the opportunity to explore Bridges. I've now taught portions of every grade level of Bridges, K-5, including field testing grade 5 and writing some of the supplemental material for grade 4. I'm continually amazed by the power of Bridges to affect mathematical thinking and incite enthusiasm, both for children and teachers.

I invite your participation and input in shaping this Blog into a truly useful resource.  I am open to your ideas for features and topics -- you may post them here or send me an email at
Best wishes for a great start to the year.