Where is the SMath?: Math in Daily Life

Where is the SMath? is a blog designed to help students recognize the Math and Science found in daily life. A description from the site:

Each post will include a picture depicting Math, Science or both (Smath). Many times the connections will be obvious to students, while other times the connections to "Smath" may be revealed as teachers facilitate discussion about the image through their questioning.

The simple phrase, "Where is the Math?", "Where is the Science?", or "Where is the Smath?" will accompany each picture. Within the comments section we will occasionally post questions that may aid in discussion.

A recent example shows a photo of a tire pressure gauge. A number is hidden by light glare. Students are asked, "What number do you think is hidden by the glare in the photo? Explain your thinking." Students are also pressed to consider the impact of this tool. "How can checking the tire pressure on our cars help the planet? Explain your thinking."

The site could be used for short transitional times in class, including gathering at the beginning of the day or winding down at the end. Families members might also consider the photos and related questions at home together.