Free Online Resources from MLC

Did you know that The Math Learning Center is a non-profit organization? As such, many resources are offered free online. Please visit the Free Stuff page to find Bridges Practice Books and Supplement Sets as well as a host of sample materials.

One of my favorite probability games, Crossing the Pond, is available as a free pdf download. This probability investigation is taken from Bridges in Mathematics, Grade 2. In addition to introducing basic probability concepts, it offers students a chance to practice subtraction facts. It is perfect for playing with your entire class several times, and makes a great learning center or take-home activity.

On the Free Resources page, you'll also find a link for more free resources for current Bridges users. This is a quick way to easily access commonly used (free!) materials:

  • Practice Books
  • Number Corner Planners
  • Advanced Prep Charts
  • Grade Level Supplement Sets
  • Family Information on "What Your Child Will Learn"
  • Online Games
  • Children's Literature