Number Corner Grade 2 Advice for August–September

If you are new to Number Corner I hope you were able to attend a "Getting Started" or "Number Corner" workshop this summer. I am writing this as if you had no training in Number Corner, so some of you may find it a bit elementary, while others will find it all new.
If you haven’t read the Introduction to Number Corner, have a look at it, and especially pages 12-13 in your Teacher’s Guide where you’ll find much useful information and many tips.

Here is a second grade calendar wall in January to give you an idea of the space needed and how it might be arranged.
Another helpful new resource you need to be aware of is the new Baseline Assessment for Number Corner, designed to be administered within the first few weeks of school. (It is included in the above monthly planners.) It will help you gauge your students’ comfort level with key concepts and skills taught in first grade, and may serve as a way to identify children who need extra support or special services. It is found on the second grade Support page.
After you have the calendar pocket chart, the 100 grid pocket chart, the coin collector pocket chart and the magnetic gridded wall up on your calendar board, gather up:
  • apple calendar markers
  • 3/4” adhesive dots or a bingo game marker
  • magnetic tile
  • pad of 20 sheets paper stapled together
  • bags of 31 one inch square tile (If you don’t have any tile and are on a limited budget, go to a tile store, tell them you’re a teacher and ask for leftover or remnant sheets. If the tiles are glued on a grid, simply soak them in a bucket of water overnight and they’ll come off!)
  • Hundreds Grid Number Cards
  • Bean Clock with only minute hand
  • 30 pennies, 10 nickels, 10 dimes, 4 quarters in container

Blackline NC 1, found in the back of the Number Corner Teachers Guide!



My grade level team will be using Number Corner for the first time in the fall. We need to know how much wall space minimum we need to reserve. It's going to take up a lot of space that we dont currently have so we need to plan for the fall. Thanks,


If you're using Number Corner for the first time this fall, you are using Bridges Second Edition. You can find a gallery of NC photos on the Bridges Educator Site blog, along with tips, hints, and suggestions from teachers in your grade level. You'll also find a picture of each month of Number Corner, showing the wall space, in your NC Teacher Edition.

Thank you and enjoy your first year of NC!