Multiplication and Division Strategy Posters

Kim Hornbeck, a teacher and math coach in Casper, Wyoming, developed a set of posters to help her students remember multiplication and division strategies as taught in Bridges. These 8 1/2″ x 11″ posters will be especially helpful to grade 4 and 5 teachers during Bridges Unit 1 and grade 3 teachers during and after Unit 4.

Multiplication Strategy Posters

Division Strategy Posters



I am surprised to see you promoting a poster that shows "add a zero " when multiplying by a power of ten! I have fought for years to help kids understand that they do not "add" a zero! I am concerned that teaching tricks undermines conceptual understanding. What is The rational?

This post features a teacher submission from 2011. Please refer to the updated posters linked here.

Thank you, Cynthia

excellent poster really very much learning & lesson oriented

Great timing ! I will be sharing these with 5th grade teachers this week!

Loved the posters and just wanted to thank you for sharing them!