Close View of One Teacher's Number Corner

Bill Alsdurf Jr. teaches second grade at Epiphany School in Seattle, Washington. After his summer Getting Started with Bridges class, he chose to take a close look at Number Corner in the following reflection. Notice all the creative touches he uses to personalize NC for his specific classroom needs. What a beautiful example!

Bill writes...

This is an overall view of my Number Corner. I utilized a bulletin board near my carpet area so we could either sit at the carpet and do the activities or work from tables since it is centrally located.



I found this great whiteboard/magnet board at Storables and posted in my Number Corner area. We write math questions that occur during NC and then explore later.


I had a great set of large, 3-D plastic coins I wanted to use so I found this long magnet board and posted it on the wall above my bulletin board for the Coin Collector.


For the forms and other pieces of Number Corner that were sized at 8 1/2 x 11 or close to it, I used clipboards. I found that I could hang them on hooks that could easily be changed and I created labels for each that have magnets on the back that attach to the clip on the clipboard for easy changing.


For the magnetic tile area, I also hung it on hooks so that I could easily take it down and let the kids come up with different arrays. I hide extra magnetic tiles on the back so I can easily add one on the next day.


For the calendar, I figured out a way to incorporate a classroom tradition of my own which is recording the days' happenings on each of the pages and then collecting the pages at the end of the month for a special reflection journal. I made the pocket chart myself to fit the quarter sheet pages as shown.


I scanned the Number Corner pictures into the computer and then reformatted my calendar pages with the NC pictures. The students get to practice their patterning skills and problem solving strategies while also creating a great written memoir of the school year each month.


For the Daily Number Chart I also used a clipboard with special label that adheres itself to the clip with a magnet. I resized the form so that it would fit on an   8 1/2 x 11 size sheet the horizontal way and added a place to write the month at the bottom so we could document the month's numbers each day.


I used the 100's chart as indicated in the teacher's guide for the counting of the days in school. I laminated the number squares so that I could use them FOREVER!


This great craft storage box from Storables works well and holds all my Number Corner materials in a relatively small space and because it is low enough, it can sit on the shelf right under the calendar.

I have incorporated the Number Corner activities into my daily routine in the morning and end of day. I like the way that I am already seeing the students pick up specific skills and how the repeated activities lend themselves to further math questions and investigations.

I have found the units and activities to be very child-centered and well organized while creating an atmosphere of fun and learning for our young mathematicians.


Thank you, Bill, for your reflections and photographs!

If you would like to give other teachers a peek into your classroom, please contact us.

Update: Access to Bill's files are no longer available. Bridges Second Edition users will find photos and support resources for Number Corner on the Bridges Educator site.



Hello, I would love the PDF files as well. We just adopted Bridges, and will not be getting our training and info, until a week before school starts. I would love to be able to have a jump start this summer. Thank you!

You'll find new resources for second edition on the Bridges Educator Site. This post reflects first edition.

I would love to have the PFD's if you share them. My teaching partner and I are piloting 2nd for our district and we just got out materials and have been in school two weeks now so we are kind of behind the eight ball so any help would be wonderful. Thanks

You'll find new resources for second edition on the Bridges Educator Site.

This will be our first year using Bridges and Number Corner as well. I LOVE your NC Bill and I would greatly appreciate the files that you are sharing so I can use in my classroom as well. Thank you!

Hi Megan,

Take a look at my response below. You'll find new resources for second edition on the Bridges Educator Site.


Hi Bill, I am beginning a new grade this year (2/3) and love your number corner. I would really appreciate your monthly pdf files if you will share. Thank-you so much for the visuals. What a great learning area! Marsha

Hi Marsha,

As this blog entry is a bit dated, I don't have contact information for Bill. Unless he would just happen to run across it, I don't know that he'll see it.

This is a fabulous representation of how teachers can really make NC their own!


Thank you, Bill! I'll collect them for the blog.

Bill here!  I'd be glad to share the monthly pages as pdf files when you are ready to give them a try.  Let me know.

I love the ideas. I would like the PDFs if you please. Thank you so much! Carla

This is great! I've been searching for a way to have my class write about their learning and this would also help me to orgnaize said writings to check for comprehension. Thanks! 

I can't wait to incorporate the daily happenings into my daily calendar.  What a fabulous idea.  Thank you.