Generating Responses from All Students

How do you ensure engagement from all students? On Lesson Cast, you'll find a 2:24 minute video called "Every Student Response Strategies." In it, you'll find pictures and descriptions of several techniques designed to generate responses from every student, including:

  1. True/False or Agree/Disagree Cards
  2. Multiple Choice Pinch Cards
  3. Processing Cards or Table Tents with 3 options: I'm ready, I'm thinking/working, I'm stuck
  4. Think-Pair-Share using appointment clocks

The author writes, "Student engagement is critical to making gains in achievement. Every student response strategies fuel engagement, energize learning, and improve ongoing informal assessment." This quick video could immediately increase the number of tools available to increase student engagement. Take a look! Also read Ben Johnson's related article on Edutopia, "How to Check for Deeper Understanding and Engage All Students."