Number Riddle Math Detectives

Modify this number riddle activity to fit any grade level...

Janaye, a fourth grade teacher from Texas and author of the Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes blog, challenged her students to make math riddles. Each student created a riddle on a paper magnifying glass. The first flap showed the clue and the second revealed the solution.

In 5th grade Number Corner, March Problem Solving provides opportunities to solve riddles. Teachers may decide to extend the activity by having students create their own number riddles. Teacher may also wish to share some number riddle read alouds with students:

One Riddle, One Answer - this book is suggested as an optional read aloud in March Number Corner Problem Solving, grade 5. In the story, a smart and well-educated princess goes to her father, the sultan, and makes a proposition: she will pose a riddle, and whoever can answer it will be the one she marries. Look for this title in your library.

Arithmetickle: An Even Number of Odd Riddle-Rhymes - riddles involve addition, subtraction, and simple multiplication. How high do you jump on the moon? How long does an average cow live? How do you weigh a poodle?

See additional number riddle books on the MLC Virtual Bookshelf.


Great idea. I'll have to organise some riddles / problems for my young students. Maybe later they can write their own. Thanks for sharing the idea!
This is a cleaver idea,can be used for science and social studies as well