Bridges Blog Archive for February 2013

Mr. R's World of Math

Have you encountered Mr. R's World of Math? This incredible site, developed by a math education specialist to "keep students smiling and engaged as they learn and master mathematical concepts," includes:

*math videos & songs - place value, fractions, multiplication, number sense, geometry, skip counting, money, early learners, integers, addition facts

Fraction Fun on a Number Line! (A5 Update, Grade 3)

Looking for some free, fun ways to approach fractions? Here are some new activities for Bridges grade 3 users...or anyone looking for ideas to spice up fractions!

World Maths Day - Register Soon!

March 6 is World Maths Day. After participating the last couple years, I can testify to the fun involved! If you're interested, register soon; apparently the registration closed more than a week before the contest last year.

Polygons & More on the Geoboard App

The following videos feature MLC's Geoboard App, a free application available both online and through the AppStore. The first, an instructional movie, highlights the Geoboard tools and demonstrates how to create a variety of polygons.

Valentine's Day with Parallel Lines

Sharing a little math humor to wish you...

Happy Valentine's Day!

A free pdf of this quote is available here.