Bridges Blog Archive for March 2013

A Goat Explores Area & Circumference of a Circle

Looking for ways to explore relationships between circumference, radius, diameter and area? Check out The Circle Tool from NCTM Illuminations. You’ll notice three buttons that run along the top of the game window: Intro, Investigation and Problems. With the Intro button selected, you’ll notice an icon of a video camera.

Ten-Strips & Frames Using the Number Rack App

MLC's Number Rack App provides a tech alternative to traditional models such as ten-strips and ten-frames. Let's consider a couple examples.

In the 3rd Grade Bridges Game, "Twenty or Bust", students use ten-strips to add 3 or more numbers as shown:

CCSS "I Can" Statements

Do you discuss Common Core State Standards with your students? Better yet, do you have "I Can" statements posted around the room? Check out these free resources:

CCSS 4th Grade "I Can" Statements on Teachers Pay Teachers (free)

Kindergarten & the Geoboard App

Kindergarten teachers, have you had the opportunity to try out the Geoboard App with your students? You'll be inspired after watching a video by MrsKlineKindergarten. Her students demonstrate how the app can be used to:

New & Updated Supplements, Grades 3-5

An assortment of new and updated Bridges Supplements are available to support grades 3-5. The free pdfs include:


Bridges Supplements - Grade 3

A5 Fractions - Updated
D7 Masses & Volumes - New
E3 Line Plots - New