Bridges Blog Archive for April 2013

Top 10 Ideas for Creating Anchor Charts with Children

A recent blog article considered how Bridges uses anchor charts to solidify student thinking. But what's the difference between an anchor chart and any other classroom poster? And how can we maximize their value in a Bridges classroom? Let's consider ten ideas for creating anchor charts:

My Child Loves Math!

Bridges teacher Donna MacKenzie recently held parent-teacher conferences at Mary Hogan School in Middlebury, Vermont. She writes, "EVERY parent (that's 20!) said, 'My child loves math!'" It's not the first time she's heard the sentiment.

Help Parents Support Children's Math Skills

A new PBS Kids Survey reveals that parents need assistance in supporting children's math skills. The PBS Press Release states:

Communicating with Families

Melissa Rescoe, first grade teacher in Michigan's Lakeshore Public Schools, knows the vital importance of good parent communication. She wrote the following article for the district newsletter, mailed to all households:

Math is Beautiful

First grade teacher Shelly Scheafer just shared this amazing video with me. Take a moment and enjoy the beauty of mathematics with us.






The video, fascinating on so many levels, would be an intriguing addition to a study of symmetry.