Bridges Blog Archive for May 2013

Math Chapter Books for Summer Reading

An abundance of math-related children's books can be found on Math Learning Center's Virtual Bookshelf. With summer approaching, grab a glass of lemonade and settle in with some of our favorite chapter books:

Make 10 with Popsicle Sticks

Jen Saul, a third grade teacher from East Palo Alto, California, uses popsicle sticks to help her students learn about combinations of ten. She says,

Revised CCSS Supplement Sets

MLC recently published revised Bridges CCSS Supplement sets. All the K-5 files have been reformatted to include bookmarks and the content has been restructured so that activities and worksheets appear in the order of recommended use. In addition, grades 2-5 include new material to better align Bridges First Edition to the Common Core State Standards. Unit planners, correlations documents, and Spanish translations have been updated accordingly.

More Summer Math Fun!

A year ago, we shared resources for families to encourage math practice at home during the summer. This updated list provides more vacation inspiration. Teachers may wish to print some of the resources as part of a summer learning packet.

Multiply Fractions with the Geoboard App

Since the release of the free Geoboard App, I've used it to represent a variety of visual models. But I especially love its power when it comes to multiplying fractions. While a regular geoboard can be divided into parts to show a fraction, the app takes the visual model a step further with the ability to paint in the part of the fraction that you actually have.