Bridges Blog Archive for June 2013

Bridges Blog Returns in August

As summer is upon us, the Bridges Blog will return in August. If you have some extra time in July, consider joining me for Jo Boaler's free, online class, How to Learn Math.

Family Math Night Celebrates School Year

First grade teacher Shelly Scheafer shares how her school invites families to explore math at the end of the school year...

How to Learn Math: a Course for Teachers & Parents

Dr. Jo Boaler, Stanford Professor of Mathematics Education, is an inspirational speaker and researcher. Beginning in July, she will offer a free, online course, How to Learn Math. In a promotional video, she says, "How to Learn Math is a course to help people enjoy and learn math's a course about the ways people learn effectively.

Assessment: CCSS & Bridges First Edition

To support the shift toward Common Core State Standards, MLC has developed several new Bridges first edition assessment documents. On the CCSS Resources page, you'll find:

Architects in Schools

Marty Fisher, a teacher from Bend, Oregon, writes that for the past several years the third grade students at Buckingham Elementary in Jesse Andrews', Cadi Brown's and Fisher's classrooms have had the opportunity to participate in the Architects in Schools (AIS) program. The program is designed to increase awareness of the "built environment."