Bridges Blog Archive for August 2013

Beginning Your Year: Strategies for Student Engagement

In this fifth and final entry in the "Beginning Your Year" series, you'll find ideas to engage students, balance participation, and encourage dialogue in your Bridges classroom.

This popular, effective strategy is widely used in Bridges classrooms.

Beginning Your Year: School & Home Communication

In this fourth in a series of articles on "Beginning Your Year," we look at resources to help you connect and communicate with the families of Bridges students.

Beginning Your Year: Lesson Planning

This entry--the third in a series of articles designed to support Bridges First Edition users with planning, prep, and organization--looks at lesson planning resources. Take special note of the support to assist you in implementing the Common Core.

Beginning Your Year: Visual Displays

This is the second installment in a series of blog posts designed to help you prepare for your year with Bridges. These links and resources will assist you as you organize and plan Bridges and Number Corner visual displays.

Beginning Your Year: Manipulatives

This is the first in a series of blog entries designed to support Bridges First Edition users with planning, prep, and organization at the beginning of this new school year. Welcome, everyone!

Today, let's consider manipulative management. A few simple tips and guidelines will help to keep dice, spinners, base ten and other student pieces organized as students consider, model, and share their mathematical thinking.