Bridges Blog Archive for October 2013

A Bridges Inspired Halloween!

Don't miss this wonderful post from last year...   Happy Halloween, everyone!

The Primitives App (& Monsters!)

After working with prime numbers, fourth and fifth grade students will find The Primitives Application intriguing.

Children's Book Explores Question of Infinity

In the days before Buzz Lightyear ("Infinity and beyond!") I rarely heard children use the word "infinity." But nowadays, it's commonplace to hear the term uttered by students, right down to the youngest kindergarteners. What do students think of when they consider infinity?

How Bridges Supports Guided Math, Part IV

In the final segment of a 4-part exploration, Bridges Author Dr. Barbara Blanke reflects on how Bridges supports guided math. (In the photo at left, Dr. Blanke works with Bridges teachers.)

Practical Strategies for Planning a Guided Math Session, Part III

In the third of a 4-part exploration of guided math, Bridges Author Dr. Barbara Blanke considers strategies for planning a guided math session.