Bridges Blog Archive for December 2013

Interactive Paper Plate Clock Fractions

While preparing to teach a fifth grade fraction lesson, I ran across a photo on Pinterest that inspired me to try a little paper plate math.

How to Assemble:

1. Get two plates in two different colors.

2. Mark the center and make one straight cut from the edge to the center point.

3. Slide the plates together so that the cuts match up in the middle and you’re able to rotate one plate to reveal the other. 

Learning with the New Number Line App

Recently, The Math Learning Center released its fourth free app, Number Line. Using the Number Line, students explore strategies based on place value and properties of operations, and compute distances or differences between two numbers with addition and subtraction.

Online Measurement with Nonstandard Units

Online resources provide many opportunities for students to explore measurement with nonstandard units. The following selection will be particularly helpful to teachers following the CCSS Planners and using Supplement Sets:  Kindergarten: D1, Grade 1: D1 & D2.


Online Holiday Math Calendar 2013

The NRICH site from the University of Cambridge publishes an online holiday calendar containing a daily math challenge for December 1-24. "Planet earth" is the primary theme this year, while the secondary calendar features a daily video.

Fractions on a Life-Sized Number Line

Inspired by Jeffrey Frykholm's book, Learning to Think Mathematically With the Number Line (available in the catalog in pdf format), I wanted to create a life-sized number line in my classroom. For ease of preparation, I installed a retractable clothesline.