Bridges Blog Archive for March 2014

Taking Our Common Core Temperature

With five children, I've taken a lot of temperatures, trying to decide when kids are healthy and prepared or when they might need a little extra time and nurture. After reading a blog article by NCTM President Linda Gojak, I started thinking about the Common Core and how it might relate to our own "temperature" or how we're feeling in regards to CCSS preparedness.


Ratio Tables Help Students to Think Mathematically

Jeffrey's Frykholm's book, Learning to Think Mathematically With the Ratio Table, inspires educators to consider ways to use ratio tables to promote student understanding.  The book's overview notes:

Spring Into Math!

With spring break approaching, here are a few ideas to make the most of vacation, mathematically speaking!

Posters Support Math Discussion

Tracy Schatz, a 4th/5th grade teacher from White River, Washington, created a series of posters to encourage constructive discussion during math forums. The posters cover four types of student talk, each with a series of sentence starters designed to stimulate conversation. Click on the poster titles to download the free pdfs.




The GREAT Wall of Base Ten

Working with fourth and fifth grade Bridges, I've seen many examples of The Great Wall of Base Ten, from units two and six. The lessons invite students to explore place value, decimals, and the powers of ten.