Bridges Blog Archive for May 2014

Engaging Bilingual Families in Math Talk

A recent blog entry highlights Justin Johnson's work with English Language Learners in Portland Public Schools.

APPetite for Summer Fun

For the last several years, MLC blog posts have highlighted resources to keep students' math skills sharp during summer vacation. This year, send your students home with some ideas to increase their math APP-titudes.

Penguin Habitats

Laurie Kilts, a Math Recovery specialist and tutor from Casper, Wyoming, shares photos from first grade Bridges students at Evansville Elementary. She writes, "They are studying penguins and each class created habitats out in the hallway. They look awesome!"

Indeed they do! Thank you, Laurie, for submitting such wonderful examples of student work.


Students Chart Unit Progress

After pre- and post- unit assessments, I normally ask students to reflect on their learning. This year, however, I felt like something was missing. My class--a group who'd never used Bridges--was consistently demonstrating phenomenal growth from pre- to post-test. But during the unit, they'd forget how much they didn't know when they started. I tried having them compare pre- and post-tests, side by side.