Bridges Blog Archive for August 2014

Sample Dialogue Supports Classroom Conversations

Have you ever considered your goals as a math teacher? I have a longstanding goal: to improve my ability to ask good questions. In Bridges, one way I've improved my questioning strategies is by taking suggestions from the sample dialogue within the Bridges lessons.

Habits of Productive Mathematical Thinkers

I admit it. I once believed that to be a good math teacher, one only had to cover the content, to checkmark down the list of required grade-level skills. But thankfully, over time, I’ve begun to see good mathematics education as much more.


Planning for the New School Year

A teacher friend of mine plans to return to first grade after a long hiatus. She remarked, "I'm nervous, but I think that's probably true for even the most experienced teachers." It's certainly true for me. With a new school year comes both jitters and a lot of excitement. I enjoy planning, organizing, and considering what is in store for my new students.

Welcome Back & Call for Submissions

The Bridges Blog features articles, tips, photos, and stories designed to support Bridges First Edition users. This year, we would love to post more entries from you, the educators who daily work to discover new and innovative ways to help students learn--and enjoy!--math. We are specifically looking for: