Bridges Blog Archive for September 2014

Support for Families Update

On the Bridges First Edition Support website, MLC offers a variety of resources to parents of students in classrooms currently using Bridges. Under Support for Families, the grade-level links in the left-hand channel provide information and resources you may find useful, including:

Seeing Structure & Generalizing

During the last several weeks, we've examined Common Core Math Practices 1-6. This week, we'll conclude our study by taking a look at two practices that fall into the final category, Seeing Structure & Generalizing.





Reasoning and Explaining

Like many of you, I grew up believing that math was a solitary endeavor, based largely on my ability to follow a series of steps. In classes, teachers lectured while students sat quietly. When the lecture ended, we bowed our heads over our math books to complete the day's assignment, methodically imitating the moves that our teacher just demonstrated.


Fostering Healthy Work Place Habits

While reading a book about fostering literacy, I gained valuable insight into teaching math. Gail Boushey and Joan Moser's book, The Daily 5, emphasizes the importance of explicitly teaching children the behaviors needed for the classroom. They write, "...we spend at least 20 days building community, defining and practicing behaviors, building stamina, and assessing the needs of this particular group of children."

Modeling and Using Tools

My first introduction to The Math Learning Center, a little over twenty years ago, began with the district math coach coming in once a week to review the upcoming lessons. As a new third grade teacher, she wanted me to experience the models, strategies and tools that my students were about to encounter. It looked something like this...

Math Coach: [Handing me manipulatives.] Show me a way to do the problem.