Bridges Blog Archive for January 2015

Fraction Foundations: a Free, Online Course

Struggling to teach fractions? Want to improve your current fraction instruction? Interested in learning more about common student misconceptions around fractions? Consider enrolling in Fraction Foundations: Helping Students Understand Fractions, a free, online course from MOOC-Ed. Information from the site:

Pinterest Ideas: January & February

Two new MLC Pinterest boards focus on January and February events: Valentine's Day and the 100th Day of School, which occurs for most districts in January or February, depending on school start dates. On each board, you'll find links to dozens of ideas on the web.


Mindset Matters Most

Today's debates about the future of education are complex and often contentious. What if the most important concept to embrace was both strikingly simple and profound? What if the genesis of educational success was as straightforward as mindset?

Memorization Versus Memory

Within the math education community, a lot of confusion surrounds the word fluency. Yet Common Core State Standards call for fluency at each grade level.

Grades 2 and 3 standards specify that students know a standard “from memory,” phrasing which may further cloud our concept of fluency.

Meet Mr. Think!

Meet Mr. Think!Since the start of the school year, we’ve been working on the protocol of think-pair-share in our classroom. Sometimes getting kindergarteners to stop talking and doing—and even to stop listening, and to just think—is like trying to herd cats! Prompts or cues are always helpful to guide their behavior.