Bridges Blog Archive for February 2015


Auction!Greetings, Bridges Enthusiasts!

During the school year, our rooms are papered with anchor charts and student work. This is a good thing.


Substitute!The word may strike fear in the heart of the unprepared teacher! You were trained to be a Bridges teacher. You understand that sense-making is the core of each session.

You understand learning progressions. You know how important this foundation is. But some substitute teachers, professional though they might be, may not be prepared to teach a Bridges lesson. 

CCSS Key Shift: Fractions

When you think of fractions, do pizzas, brownie pans, and candy bars come to mind? If so, you were probably taught with an emphasis on fractions as parts of a whole. Although this remains a part of fraction education for today’s students, Common Core also includes new ways of thinking about fractions: as points on a number line.

Daily Prime and Composite Practice

Daily Prime and Composite PracticeBridges Grade 4 covers prime and composite numbers and finding factors. When students have the ability to find factors quickly, it helps them use the associative property with more ease and success. And finding factors is a great way to practice multiplication fact families.