Bridges Blog Archive for April 2015

Family Helpers in the Classroom

Family Helpers in the ClassroomEvery year I’m fortunate to have parents who want to help in my kindergarten classroom. For some it may be a way to stay connected to their child and the public school experience; for others it eases the pain of separation.

Sometimes parents comment that their communication with their own child improves from watching me in the classroom. Regardless, I am delighted. 

Big Buddies and Bridges

Big Buddies and BridgesAt Mary Hogan School, a visit with our “big buddies” is one of the week’s highlights. All kindergarten and first grade classrooms buddy with a classroom of fourth, fifth, or sixth graders.

Updating Number Corner

Updating Number CornerHave you had trouble keeping the Number Corner workouts updated? I’ll be the first to admit that in my second grade classroom, I’ve struggled every month! I start out strong at the beginning of the month, reminding my helpers of what to update.

Extra Work Place Time

Extra Work Place TimeWhen time allows, I love to schedule in extra Work Place activities, especially if we’re at a transition point in the curriculum.