Bridges Blog Archive for May 2015

Summer Math Fun for Families

Is it possible? Summer is upon us! Here are a few ideas to pass on to families for summer math fun at home.

Student-to-Student Sharing and Learning

Student-to-Student Sharing and LearningHaving students share their strategies and models is one of the most powerful math tools teachers have available.

The sharing methods I’ve found most effective are for students to display their whiteboards on a document camera, show their math journal work with grid paper and plain paper, and contribute their ideas to charts. 

Multiplying by 11s and 12s

Multiplying by 11s and 12sWhen we began the sessions that work on multiplying by 11 and 12, (Supplement A2) my students insisted they already understood these facts completely. “There’s a pattern, Mrs. Bluemel,” or “Mrs. Bluemel, there’s a trick to it!” They were confident; I was skeptical.

I Wonder...

One of the aspects I love most about Bridges is the deep thinking and conversation that can occur during a lesson. Recently, my students encountered a situation that prompted a spontaneous inquiry. During the lesson, “Exploring Symmetry in Quilt Blocks,” my second grade students were discussing their observations about the lines of symmetry found in the quilt blocks they created.