Bridges Blog Archive for August 2015

Making Bridges Your Own

A colleague recently reflected on her year with Bridges. She sighed and said, “You know, I really started to love Bridges when I realized I could make it my own.”


Why Is Math Taught Differently Today?

Many of us--parents and teachers alike--were taught math in ways very different from how today's students are taught. In this video, Raj Shah, an admitted math enthusiast, compares math teaching methods of the past and present and explains how today's students are being taught to think mathematically.



Math Practice Posters - Now in English & Spanish!

Math Practices

The Math Learning Center is happy to offer these free, downloadable posters illustrating the CCSS Math Practices. Each set contains one poster for each practice, and two sets are available: one for grades K–2, and one for grades 3–5.