Bridges Blog Archive for November 2015

The Right Tool for the Job

The Right Tool for the JobNo matter which subject my class and I are working on, individual whiteboards have always been one of my favorite tools. When it comes to math, they have become essential. Individual whiteboards serve many situations, and they prove invaluable as I observe and assess my students’ progress with various math strategies. 

Mathematical Thinking Takes Flight!

After reading Shelly Scheafer's post, "New Looks for the Sea Star Quilt", first grade teachers Theresa Gatchet and Cindy Smith were inspired to introduce the project to their students at Gervais Elementary School in Oregon. Students made turkey handprints and adorned them with feathers and sequins. Theresa notes that feathers were flying!

Teaching Routines in Kindergarten

Teaching Routines in KindergartenThe first few weeks in kindergarten can be taxing for any teacher —you’re teaching every important routine and expectation for the year.

Egg Carton Fractions with Number Frames

If you’re an upper-grade Bridges teacher, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time with egg carton fractions. Maybe, like me, you even have a secret wish list with “Egg Carton Fraction App” near the top. If that’s true, you can cross it off your list.