Bridges Blog Archive for February 2016

Linking Computer Activities to Bridges

Visiting the computer lab is part of our regular kindergarten routine, with students spending two 40-minute sessions each week there. They work on a literacy software program for the first 20 minutes, and the last 20 minutes is for math games. Our team has found some wonderful, free websites that engage the children in a game as they practice math skills. A few of these sites include: Starfall, ABC YA, and PBS kids.

Organizing & Interpreting Data in Kindergarten

Organizing & Interpreting Data in KindergartenOur K team has put together some collaborative monthly practice activities to sort, represent, and interpret data. We’ve found students who revisit these skills have the confidence and understanding to interpret and explain data on a bar graph.

When the Girls Get Loud

When the Girls Get LoudWhen I reflect on the overall pattern of my math lessons, I notice that instruction happens through my interaction with individuals and small groups, as well as through whole group presentations and accompanying class discussion. Knowing that, I worry that some students may be demanding and receiving more of my attention than others.

Exciting Misconceptions

Are you wondering how in the world a student’s misconception could stir enthusiasm in their teacher?

How Are YOU Doing?

You’ve undoubtedly been asked how your students are doing with Bridges lessons by now. But I wonder how you are doing, especially if this is your first year of relying on Bridges for math instruction. Take five minutes to back away from your to-do list and consider whether the following statements ring true. (Notice that you do NOT need to respond to a survey or complete a report! Simply, consider!)