Bridges Blog Archive for April 2016

The Power of Facilitating

The Power of FacilitatingSometimes at this time of year I get caught up in the get-ready-for-the-state-test frenzy rather than remembering how crucial it is for students to voice their thoughts with each other and the larger group.

How Not to Hide Out in Plain Sight

How Not to Hide Out in Plain SightHere’s what I learned when a colleague video-recorded my class recently: we teachers miss a lot! In the video I could see myself responding in great detail to one group’s work, helping them see what they’d accomplished and leading them on to the next steps. As I walked away, the camera stayed focused on the students. Seconds went by.

April is Math Awareness Month!

And this year the theme is “The Future of Predictability.” Students usually love the challenge of predicting a pattern, but the concept of predictability can extend into further explorations too. Try asking students to make predictions about future technologies or how mathematicians will help change our world.

Math Vocabulary – Another Language

Math Vocabulary – Another Language All students at my school learn the Spanish language all year long—the culture, how to speak, to understand, and so on. Another language they engage in all year long is the math language we use. It might seem intuitive or a part of everyday language, but math vocabulary can be very challenging.