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Life-Sized Work Places

Life-Sized Work PlacesAmanda Goedge, math curricular leader from Chippewa Valley Schools in Michigan, shares this fabulous tip:

Exciting Misconceptions

Are you wondering how in the world a student’s misconception could stir enthusiasm in their teacher?

Activities for the Number Pieces App

Do you have parents who are asking what they can do to help their children? One of the easiest ways you can offer support is to direct them to the free Math Learning Center apps and suggest activities to enjoy together at home.

Penguin App Addition & Subtraction

First grade teachers preparing for Unit 4 may want to investigate an online app in which animated penguins demonstrate addition and subtraction facts to twenty.

The app, one of fifteen interactive math teaching resources on Visnos, connects the visual model of the penguins with the number fact or equation.







Learning with the New Number Line App

Recently, The Math Learning Center released its fourth free app, Number Line. Using the Number Line, students explore strategies based on place value and properties of operations, and compute distances or differences between two numbers with addition and subtraction.

Five Little Turkeys

Kindergarten classes may enjoy singing along with the 5 Little Turkeys song as they prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday. Visit the Harry Kindergarten Music YouTube Channel for more kindergarten songs.

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