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What Do You Notice?

I was recently at a Getting Started workshop where the leader brought up the base-ten area pieces on the document camera. She asked the teachers seated in the audience, “What do you notice?” 




Ratio Tables Help Students to Think Mathematically

Jeffrey's Frykholm's book, Learning to Think Mathematically With the Ratio Table, inspires educators to consider ways to use ratio tables to promote student understanding.  The book's overview notes:

Review: Sir Cumference and the Viking's Map

Sir Cumference and the Viking's Map, the seventh book in the series by Cindy Neuschwander, will intrigue adventurers in grades 3-5.

The King's Chessboard, One Grain of Rice, and Paired Books

In Grade 5, Unit 7, Bridges students explore and discuss doubling patterns after reading the book, The King's Chessboard. The Paired Books Strategy would be a natural extension to this lesson.

Functions or "Input-Output Rules"

This spring, fourth and fifth grade classes explore functions in Bridges Unit 7. You'll find an interesting assortment of possible lesson extensions on Mathwire under Investigating Growing Patterns.  Activities include pdfs for:

Virtual Function Machine

Students who've been working on the Function Machine Grade 4 Calendar Grid for February may want to try this on-line version. In the game, the machine gives you the first pair of In/Out numbers. When you push "Get a Number" the machine will give you the next set of numbers. Whenever you're ready to guess the rule, you submit information telling what the machine is doing.

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