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Bridges and FIT Teaching

What makes a teacher great? After years of work in classrooms around the country, Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey believe they have a framework that defines the five elements of good teaching practice. In FIT Teaching, educators:




Anchor Chart Assessment

Teacher Question: I’m not sure whether my students really understand the models and strategies that we’ve been talking about this year. Do you have any ideas about how we might assess them?

Comprehensive Growth Assessments Available, K-5

Comprehensive Growth Assessments (CGAs) are available on the CCSS Resource Page for all grade levels, K-5. CGAs are adapted from Bridges Second Edition for use with Bridges First Edition and address every Common Core State Standard by grade level.

Students Chart Unit Progress

After pre- and post- unit assessments, I normally ask students to reflect on their learning. This year, however, I felt like something was missing. My class--a group who'd never used Bridges--was consistently demonstrating phenomenal growth from pre- to post-test. But during the unit, they'd forget how much they didn't know when they started. I tried having them compare pre- and post-tests, side by side.


Rubrics for CCSS Standards, K-2

Pia Hansen, MLC director of professional development, facilitated the writing of the following Common Core State Standard rubrics with Bridges teachers in Wyoming. They are designed for use in kindergarten, first, and second grades. The pdfs can be printed for classroom use.

Assessment: CCSS & Bridges First Edition

To support the shift toward Common Core State Standards, MLC has developed several new Bridges first edition assessment documents. On the CCSS Resources page, you'll find:

CCSS-Aligned Assessments

This is a time of great challenge and transition as we embark on implementing Common Core State Standards with Bridges. Currently, we have Supplements and related Unit Planners and Pacing Guides, Practice Books, Resource & Tech Links, and ASSESSMENTS!

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