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Tips for Work Places

Work Places are a favorite time in my classroom. The room bursts with positive energy as students are practicing, learning, and mastering their math skills. I’ve found this an excellent time to “dipstick” for clarity and understanding. Establishing Work Place routines takes time and practice, though. Throughout my 14 years as a Bridges teacher, I continue to find ways to help my students reap success and to help this time go smoothly.

How Do I Meet All Those Needs?

If you’re like me, you constantly question how to meet all the needs within your fourth grade classroom.

Planning for the New School Year

A teacher friend of mine plans to return to first grade after a long hiatus. She remarked, "I'm nervous, but I think that's probably true for even the most experienced teachers." It's certainly true for me. With a new school year comes both jitters and a lot of excitement. I enjoy planning, organizing, and considering what is in store for my new students.

Spring Into Math!

With spring break approaching, here are a few ideas to make the most of vacation, mathematically speaking!

Number Corner: Spanish Immersion Classroom

Shannon Russell teaches a fifth grade Spanish immersion class in Portland Public Schools. She and her assistant, Melissa Kunert, share the Number Corner plans and photos that follow. They write,

Beginning Your Year: Lesson Planning

This entry--the third in a series of articles designed to support Bridges First Edition users with planning, prep, and organization--looks at lesson planning resources. Take special note of the support to assist you in implementing the Common Core.

Beginning Your Year: Visual Displays

This is the second installment in a series of blog posts designed to help you prepare for your year with Bridges. These links and resources will assist you as you organize and plan Bridges and Number Corner visual displays.

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