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April is Math Awareness Month!

And this year the theme is “The Future of Predictability.” Students usually love the challenge of predicting a pattern, but the concept of predictability can extend into further explorations too. Try asking students to make predictions about future technologies or how mathematicians will help change our world.

Organizing & Interpreting Data in Kindergarten

Organizing & Interpreting Data in KindergartenOur K team has put together some collaborative monthly practice activities to sort, represent, and interpret data. We’ve found students who revisit these skills have the confidence and understanding to interpret and explain data on a bar graph.

Mystery Class Revealed

When Bridges students from Shaw Island School saw a post here in January, they had to keep a secret. The blog entry, Mystery Class: Tracking Sunlight to Solve a Mystery, described an eleven week hunt in which students from around the world attempt to find mystery classes based on the changing amount of sunlight in each location.

Elephants, Alligators, and Arches, Oh My!

Third grade students will soon begin Unit 8 and the study of bridges. Bridge building can be serious stuff; so serious that when the Broolyn Bridge opened in 1883, many residents feared to cross. Folks had never seen such a massive structure. Was it safe? Could it hold a significant amount of weight? In order to test the bridge, P.T. Barnum's elephants--all 21 of them--paraded across. Two picture books, Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing and Twenty-One Elephants, tell the fascinating tale. Students may wish to compare & contrast the two stories of this historic event.

A recent reader contribution features the creative extensions that might result from this unit. Although the arch bridge lessons suggest a paper arch bridge, one third grader decided to make an arch with household items: legos and playdough. His labeled photo is shown at left, complete with alligator. 

Mega-Marble Roll Movies & More

Bridges' second graders will soon start Unit 6 and Get Those Marble Rolling. If you're looking for a little marble roll inspiration, watch this fantastic YouTube video, "Mega Marble Mazes", featuring the work of second grade students.

Mystery Class: Tracking Sunlight to Solve a Mystery

Cathy Fernan, fifth grade teacher from Northside Intermediate School in Milton, Wisconsin, alerted me to an interesting web activity--starting soon!--that ties in with the 5th grade March Number Corner Calendar Collector, "Sunrise, Sunset." From the website, Mystery Class: Tracking Sunlight to Solve a Mystery:

Free Online Resources from MLC

Did you know that The Math Learning Center is a non-profit organization? As such, many resources are offered free online. Please visit the Free Stuff page to find Bridges Practice Books and Supplement Sets as well as a host of sample materials.

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