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How Do I Meet All Those Needs?

If you’re like me, you constantly question how to meet all the needs within your fourth grade classroom.

Egg Carton Fractions with Number Frames

If you’re an upper-grade Bridges teacher, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time with egg carton fractions. Maybe, like me, you even have a secret wish list with “Egg Carton Fraction App” near the top. If that’s true, you can cross it off your list.

CCSS Key Shift: Fractions

When you think of fractions, do pizzas, brownie pans, and candy bars come to mind? If so, you were probably taught with an emphasis on fractions as parts of a whole. Although this remains a part of fraction education for today’s students, Common Core also includes new ways of thinking about fractions: as points on a number line.

Fraction Foundations: a Free, Online Course

Struggling to teach fractions? Want to improve your current fraction instruction? Interested in learning more about common student misconceptions around fractions? Consider enrolling in Fraction Foundations: Helping Students Understand Fractions, a free, online course from MOOC-Ed. Information from the site:

Ratio Tables Help Students to Think Mathematically

Jeffrey's Frykholm's book, Learning to Think Mathematically With the Ratio Table, inspires educators to consider ways to use ratio tables to promote student understanding.  The book's overview notes:

Interactive Paper Plate Clock Fractions

While preparing to teach a fifth grade fraction lesson, I ran across a photo on Pinterest that inspired me to try a little paper plate math.

How to Assemble:

1. Get two plates in two different colors.

2. Mark the center and make one straight cut from the edge to the center point.

3. Slide the plates together so that the cuts match up in the middle and you’re able to rotate one plate to reveal the other. 

Fractions on a Life-Sized Number Line

Inspired by Jeffrey Frykholm's book, Learning to Think Mathematically With the Number Line (available in the catalog in pdf format), I wanted to create a life-sized number line in my classroom. For ease of preparation, I installed a retractable clothesline.

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