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To Assign or Not to Assign Homework, That Is Not the Question

To Assign or Not to Assign Homework, That Is Not the QuestionHomework is a hot topic, with teachers, families and school districts sitting on both sides of the fence. I’ve read countless blogs and articles from both camps. The conclusion I’ve drawn is that a one-size solution may not fit all.

Bridges Intervention Kits Now Available

When Bridges Intervention was released in digital-only format last year, Bridges Second Edition users reacted with great enthusiasm. Many were quick to realize the power of this unique intervention program.

How Not to Hide Out in Plain Sight

How Not to Hide Out in Plain SightHere’s what I learned when a colleague video-recorded my class recently: we teachers miss a lot! In the video I could see myself responding in great detail to one group’s work, helping them see what they’d accomplished and leading them on to the next steps. As I walked away, the camera stayed focused on the students. Seconds went by.

Math Vocabulary Cards: A Great Format for Other Content Areas

Computers, laptops, tablets, phones … I can envision these becoming standard tools of my classroom just as calculators, pencils, rulers, and markers are.

When the Girls Get Loud

When the Girls Get LoudWhen I reflect on the overall pattern of my math lessons, I notice that instruction happens through my interaction with individuals and small groups, as well as through whole group presentations and accompanying class discussion. Knowing that, I worry that some students may be demanding and receiving more of my attention than others.

Daily Prime and Composite Practice

Daily Prime and Composite PracticeBridges Grade 4 covers prime and composite numbers and finding factors. When students have the ability to find factors quickly, it helps them use the associative property with more ease and success. And finding factors is a great way to practice multiplication fact families.

Printable Booklet for Teaching Multiples

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself standing in front of a sea of eyes that are glazed over and dreaming about lunch, Minecraft, recess… or anything other than what I am teaching!! This happened to me in September.

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