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April Showers Bring Math Flowers

A colleague recently confided that dealing with bulletin boards was one of her least favorite parts of teaching. As I stared at my own vast blank blue wall, I could relate. I’ve often considered teaching my creative outlet, but I’m finding that with the increased rigor of Common Core and other teaching demands, I sometimes exhaust my creative energies figuring out how to fit everything into the available class time.

Online Measurement with Nonstandard Units

Online resources provide many opportunities for students to explore measurement with nonstandard units. The following selection will be particularly helpful to teachers following the CCSS Planners and using Supplement Sets:  Kindergarten: D1, Grade 1: D1 & D2.


A Goat Explores Area & Circumference of a Circle

Looking for ways to explore relationships between circumference, radius, diameter and area? Check out The Circle Tool from NCTM Illuminations. You’ll notice three buttons that run along the top of the game window: Intro, Investigation and Problems. With the Intro button selected, you’ll notice an icon of a video camera.

Polygons & More on the Geoboard App

The following videos feature MLC's Geoboard App, a free application available both online and through the AppStore. The first, an instructional movie, highlights the Geoboard tools and demonstrates how to create a variety of polygons.

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table

Fourth grade Bridges students working on Supplement C3: Circles & Angles may find it hard to forget the terms radius, diameter, and circumference after hearing the book, Sir Cumference and the First Round Table by Cindy Neuschwander.

Coin Song

A memorable little tune by Robby Turner, "I Like Coins," illustrates each coin and its value: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. The video, which also features photos of children in a classroom, would make a nice transition activity.


Content supports students in K-1, moving toward CCSS 2.MC.8.

Angle Measurement in Pattern Blocks & Body Motion

During Unit 4, fourth grade classes following the Bridges & CCSS Pacing Guide encounter a series of creative lessons in Supplement C3 Circles & Angles that provide a foundation for understanding angle measurement.

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