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Challenging Ideas About Challenging Students

Challenging Ideas About Challenging StudentsDifferentiation is something teachers consider all the time, and that’s certainly the case for me this year. I believe the most meaningful challenges come from the students themselves. One that recently emerged in my classroom is WHY the “9s trick” works.

What Do You Notice?

I was recently at a Getting Started workshop where the leader brought up the base-ten area pieces on the document camera. She asked the teachers seated in the audience, “What do you notice?” 




How Do I Meet All Those Needs?

If you’re like me, you constantly question how to meet all the needs within your fourth grade classroom.

Finding Factors with a Technology Assist

Finding Factors with a Technology AssistOne of the hardest concepts for fourth graders to investigate has to be finding factors of whole numbers. This skill requires problem solving, incorporating both abstract and quantitative reasoning. It also requires a solid grasp of multiplication facts, a source of struggle for some of my fourth graders in the beginning of the year.

Multiplying by 11s and 12s

Multiplying by 11s and 12sWhen we began the sessions that work on multiplying by 11 and 12, (Supplement A2) my students insisted they already understood these facts completely. “There’s a pattern, Mrs. Bluemel,” or “Mrs. Bluemel, there’s a trick to it!” They were confident; I was skeptical.

Printable Booklet for Teaching Multiples

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself standing in front of a sea of eyes that are glazed over and dreaming about lunch, Minecraft, recess… or anything other than what I am teaching!! This happened to me in September.

Ratio Tables Help Students to Think Mathematically

Jeffrey's Frykholm's book, Learning to Think Mathematically With the Ratio Table, inspires educators to consider ways to use ratio tables to promote student understanding.  The book's overview notes:

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