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An Unexpected Lesson

The third graders in Linda Friesen’s class at Gervais (Oregon) Elementary School learned an unexpected lesson during a recent session on area. Although Linda pulled name sticks for random teams, she ended up with one group made up of students who usually excel and another of students who often struggle.

Writing a Good Word Problem

After several practice runs and a couple of assessments, it was obvious my class was having a difficult time writing a word problem to match a given equation. To get my class on track, I came up with a game plan that seemed to do the trick.

The Right Tool for the Job

The Right Tool for the JobNo matter which subject my class and I are working on, individual whiteboards have always been one of my favorite tools. When it comes to math, they have become essential. Individual whiteboards serve many situations, and they prove invaluable as I observe and assess my students’ progress with various math strategies. 

Online Holiday Math Calendar 2014

The NRICH site from the University of Cambridge publishes an online holiday calendar containing a daily math challenge for December 1-24. Food and drink is the primary theme this year, while the secondary calendar features a variety of math activities.

The GREAT Wall of Base Ten

Working with fourth and fifth grade Bridges, I've seen many examples of The Great Wall of Base Ten, from units two and six. The lessons invite students to explore place value, decimals, and the powers of ten.

Penguin App Addition & Subtraction

First grade teachers preparing for Unit 4 may want to investigate an online app in which animated penguins demonstrate addition and subtraction facts to twenty.

The app, one of fifteen interactive math teaching resources on Visnos, connects the visual model of the penguins with the number fact or equation.







Learning with the New Number Line App

Recently, The Math Learning Center released its fourth free app, Number Line. Using the Number Line, students explore strategies based on place value and properties of operations, and compute distances or differences between two numbers with addition and subtraction.

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