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Mindset Matters Most

Today's debates about the future of education are complex and often contentious. What if the most important concept to embrace was both strikingly simple and profound? What if the genesis of educational success was as straightforward as mindset?

Math Coach Q & A

As standards become more rigorous, the support of an in-house Math Coach becomes increasingly valuable. Janet Johnstone, Math Coach at Crestline Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington, reflects on her role in a little Question & Answer session:

Inviting Students to Decide Their Own Learning: An Interview with Kristen Swanson

Intrigued by an article in SmartBlog on Education, "Subversive learning: We learn best when it's OUR idea," I asked the author, Kristen Swanson to reflect on several questions. Her response reminds us of the vital importance of Work Places in the Bridges classroom.

Excitement with Bridges in the DRC (Congo)

Guest blogger Dustin Collins teaches fourth grade at The American School of Kinshasa, DRC (Congo.) After attending a Getting Started Workshop in the states with colleagues this summer, he was excited to introduce Bridges to staff, students and parents. Dustin reports:

Mystery Class Revealed

When Bridges students from Shaw Island School saw a post here in January, they had to keep a secret. The blog entry, Mystery Class: Tracking Sunlight to Solve a Mystery, described an eleven week hunt in which students from around the world attempt to find mystery classes based on the changing amount of sunlight in each location.

First Graders Gain Number Sense

Guest blogger Lorraine Trina, Math Coach from Lincoln K-8, a Warren City School in Ohio, writes to say that students are rapidly gaining number sense through Bridges.

Inspirational Video: Math Integrated Throughout the Curriculum

Teaching Elementary Students the Magic of Math, an edutopia video, features a K-5 school in Roseburg, Oregon, in which math is integrated throughout the curriculum and teachers are supported through professional development. Blog readers may recognize Bridges materials in the video.

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