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An Unexpected Lesson

The third graders in Linda Friesen’s class at Gervais (Oregon) Elementary School learned an unexpected lesson during a recent session on area. Although Linda pulled name sticks for random teams, she ended up with one group made up of students who usually excel and another of students who often struggle.

Bridges and FIT Teaching

What makes a teacher great? After years of work in classrooms around the country, Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey believe they have a framework that defines the five elements of good teaching practice. In FIT Teaching, educators:




Creating a Classroom Climate Around Positive Math Messages

Stanford professor Jo Boaler is working to change attitudes about math education. She observes that many of us grew up with these convictions:


Where is the Real World?

Listen to educators long enough, and chances are you’ll hear them talk about teaching kids to work and live in the real world: “It’s important for students to know how to multiply fractions, so they can use it in real world applications.”


Mindset Matters Most

Today's debates about the future of education are complex and often contentious. What if the most important concept to embrace was both strikingly simple and profound? What if the genesis of educational success was as straightforward as mindset?

Math Coach Q & A

As standards become more rigorous, the support of an in-house Math Coach becomes increasingly valuable. Janet Johnstone, Math Coach at Crestline Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington, reflects on her role in a little Question & Answer session:

New Math Vocabulary Cards App

I've been eagerly anticipating an opportunity to introduce my students to Math Vocabulary Cards, a new Math Learning Center app that is also available in an online version.

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