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To Assign or Not to Assign Homework, That Is Not the Question

To Assign or Not to Assign Homework, That Is Not the QuestionHomework is a hot topic, with teachers, families and school districts sitting on both sides of the fence. I’ve read countless blogs and articles from both camps. The conclusion I’ve drawn is that a one-size solution may not fit all.

What Was Wrong with the Old Way?

What Was Wrong with the Old Way?We’ve all had those conversations in which someone laments that math isn’t taught the same way it was “in the good ole days.” Our understanding of best practices in mathematics has changed, and change can be difficult for everyone.

Effective Parent Education

Looking for resources to educate parents? Bridges leaders Barb Blanke, Kimberly Kelly, and Jessica Djuric have compiled a wealth of slides, articles, books, and handouts that could be used for family gatherings, student-led conferences, back-to-school sessions and more. Visit their site Effective Parent Education.

Family Math Night

Chances are your school, like mine, is hosting a Family Math Night in the near future. This is a wonderful opportunity to educate families, encourage parental involvement, and have a great time! Research has shown that family involvement affects the achievement level of students.

Good Communication with ELL Families

Math opens the door to partnership with families of ELL students. One of my students recently said, “My daddy is real smart in math. He showed me how he does this problem. I showed him how I did it and he liked my way.” We have interpreters and we have translated materials, but even better, we have visual ways of doing the work. A picture is worth more than a thousand words for sure!

Blog: Talking Math with Your Kids

Looking for ways to help parents support math development? Christopher Danielson’s blog Talking Math With Your Kids supplies many suggestions to help parents dialogue with children as they “encounter numbers and shapes" in everyday life.

Homework Expectations & Policies

When I first started teaching, homework every night was a MUST! It was an expectation shared by grade-level teams, parents, and administration. I think as team members we secretly competed at times to see who could assign the most homework.

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