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April Showers Bring Math Flowers

A colleague recently confided that dealing with bulletin boards was one of her least favorite parts of teaching. As I stared at my own vast blank blue wall, I could relate. I’ve often considered teaching my creative outlet, but I’m finding that with the increased rigor of Common Core and other teaching demands, I sometimes exhaust my creative energies figuring out how to fit everything into the available class time.

April is Math Awareness Month!

And this year the theme is “The Future of Predictability.” Students usually love the challenge of predicting a pattern, but the concept of predictability can extend into further explorations too. Try asking students to make predictions about future technologies or how mathematicians will help change our world.

Organizing & Interpreting Data in Kindergarten

Organizing & Interpreting Data in KindergartenOur K team has put together some collaborative monthly practice activities to sort, represent, and interpret data. We’ve found students who revisit these skills have the confidence and understanding to interpret and explain data on a bar graph.

Mathematical Thinking Takes Flight!

After reading Shelly Scheafer's post, "New Looks for the Sea Star Quilt", first grade teachers Theresa Gatchet and Cindy Smith were inspired to introduce the project to their students at Gervais Elementary School in Oregon. Students made turkey handprints and adorned them with feathers and sequins. Theresa notes that feathers were flying!


Auction!Greetings, Bridges Enthusiasts!

During the school year, our rooms are papered with anchor charts and student work. This is a good thing.

Pinterest Ideas: January & February

Two new MLC Pinterest boards focus on January and February events: Valentine's Day and the 100th Day of School, which occurs for most districts in January or February, depending on school start dates. On each board, you'll find links to dozens of ideas on the web.


Online Holiday Math Calendar 2014

The NRICH site from the University of Cambridge publishes an online holiday calendar containing a daily math challenge for December 1-24. Food and drink is the primary theme this year, while the secondary calendar features a variety of math activities.

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