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An Unexpected Lesson

The third graders in Linda Friesen’s class at Gervais (Oregon) Elementary School learned an unexpected lesson during a recent session on area. Although Linda pulled name sticks for random teams, she ended up with one group made up of students who usually excel and another of students who often struggle.

Fluency: Accurate, Efficient & FLEXIBLE Thinking

As a math coach, few things excite me more than seeing children develop mathematical fluency: efficient, accurate, and flexible ways of learning.

Math Practice Posters - Now in English & Spanish!

Math Practices

The Math Learning Center is happy to offer these free, downloadable posters illustrating the CCSS Math Practices. Each set contains one poster for each practice, and two sets are available: one for grades K–2, and one for grades 3–5.

CCSS Key Shift: Fractions

When you think of fractions, do pizzas, brownie pans, and candy bars come to mind? If so, you were probably taught with an emphasis on fractions as parts of a whole. Although this remains a part of fraction education for today’s students, Common Core also includes new ways of thinking about fractions: as points on a number line.

Fraction Foundations: a Free, Online Course

Struggling to teach fractions? Want to improve your current fraction instruction? Interested in learning more about common student misconceptions around fractions? Consider enrolling in Fraction Foundations: Helping Students Understand Fractions, a free, online course from MOOC-Ed. Information from the site:

Math Coach Q & A

As standards become more rigorous, the support of an in-house Math Coach becomes increasingly valuable. Janet Johnstone, Math Coach at Crestline Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington, reflects on her role in a little Question & Answer session:

Communicating CCSS with Families

Are you looking for ways to communicate with families about the Common Core State Standards? At The Math Learning Center, our primary focus is communicating about Bridges. Fortunately, many agencies have done a wonderful job developing materials that explain the CCSS and suggest ways families can help students with math. Many are available in both English and Spanish. Our favorites are listed below.

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