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April Showers Bring Math Flowers

A colleague recently confided that dealing with bulletin boards was one of her least favorite parts of teaching. As I stared at my own vast blank blue wall, I could relate. I’ve often considered teaching my creative outlet, but I’m finding that with the increased rigor of Common Core and other teaching demands, I sometimes exhaust my creative energies figuring out how to fit everything into the available class time.

Mathematical Thinking Takes Flight!

After reading Shelly Scheafer's post, "New Looks for the Sea Star Quilt", first grade teachers Theresa Gatchet and Cindy Smith were inspired to introduce the project to their students at Gervais Elementary School in Oregon. Students made turkey handprints and adorned them with feathers and sequins. Theresa notes that feathers were flying!

New Looks for the Sea Star Quilt

In Unit 2, Sessions 12-14, first graders make a sea star quilt to focus on counting by 5s and 10s. This engaging project helps students become more efficient at counting numbers larger than 10. It also gives them opportunity to discuss the relationship between triangles and squares as well as to represent fractions as halves and fourths of a square. The quilt has an unexpected bonus: its versatility to connect to other curriculum.

Architects in Schools

Marty Fisher, a teacher from Bend, Oregon, writes that for the past several years the third grade students at Buckingham Elementary in Jesse Andrews', Cadi Brown's and Fisher's classrooms have had the opportunity to participate in the Architects in Schools (AIS) program. The program is designed to increase awareness of the "built environment." 

Top 15 Longest Bridges

If you're preparing to teach Bridges Grade 3, Unit 8 on bridges, you might want to view the 15 Longest Bridges in the World. (Due to advertising on the page, preview before sharing with your class.) Students will find it hard to believe that bridges can be over 100 miles long! Pose some questions:

Story Problems on the Farm

On the Flip Flop Math blog (April 26, 2013), Colorado teacher Cindy Pray recently wrote "Problem Solving with Farmer Bob." The entry includes many examples of student work in which students must find the sum of legs for collections of farm animals.

Wingspans: Going Batty!

When I saw A Learning Journey's blog entry on "Batty Measurements: A Wingspan Comparison," I immediately thought of Bridges Grade 4, Unit 8, "Wingspans: Measurement & Data Analysis." Although the featured student is younger, Bridges fourth graders would enjoy visiting the blog to see the immense diversity in the wingspans of anothe

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