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Balancing the Digital Classroom & Traditional Classroom

Balancing the Digital Classroom & Traditional ClassroomAs soon as implementing technology into the classroom became the “big thing,” I jumped right on board. I used technology a lot; maybe too much.

Math Vocabulary Cards: A Great Format for Other Content Areas

Computers, laptops, tablets, phones … I can envision these becoming standard tools of my classroom just as calculators, pencils, rulers, and markers are.

Linking Computer Activities to Bridges

Visiting the computer lab is part of our regular kindergarten routine, with students spending two 40-minute sessions each week there. They work on a literacy software program for the first 20 minutes, and the last 20 minutes is for math games. Our team has found some wonderful, free websites that engage the children in a game as they practice math skills. A few of these sites include: Starfall, ABC YA, and PBS kids.

How Do I Meet All Those Needs?

If you’re like me, you constantly question how to meet all the needs within your fourth grade classroom.

Egg Carton Fractions with Number Frames

If you’re an upper-grade Bridges teacher, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time with egg carton fractions. Maybe, like me, you even have a secret wish list with “Egg Carton Fraction App” near the top. If that’s true, you can cross it off your list.

Finding Factors with a Technology Assist

Finding Factors with a Technology AssistOne of the hardest concepts for fourth graders to investigate has to be finding factors of whole numbers. This skill requires problem solving, incorporating both abstract and quantitative reasoning. It also requires a solid grasp of multiplication facts, a source of struggle for some of my fourth graders in the beginning of the year.

Gotta Get the Geoboards

“Please get out the geoboards!” begged two of my first graders shortly after I introduced the April Calendar Grid markers (from Supplement C8).

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